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MarkerQuest: Moravian Cemetary, Bethlehem

June 6th, 2018 |

By popular decree – meaning that I polled people on the Facebook page and this won by a landslide – my second post will cover the Moravian Cemetery in Bethlehem! The Moravian quarter is, of course, one of the most famous historical areas in the region; the Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites organization is working on getting Bethlehem declared a UNESCO historical site because of this. That will be pretty awesome if it happens.
The cemetery and this sign are
situated on West Market Street,
just off of historic Main Street
Now, I could just do this all by myself, but sometimes in a video game, it’s good to have a companion. So I’m bringing in the first guest star party member of this adventure – my good friend Rachel Durs, a former Bethlehem tour guide. She’s moved out of state, but recently came home for a visit, and since this blog was in the preparatory stages at that point she offered to share all her knowledge with me regarding this cemetery, also known as “God’s Acre.”
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