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People: Ilene Hochberg Proves Her Bite Is Worse Than Her Bark in Her Spoof of Canine Couture

November 1st, 2019 |

Ilene Hochberg had been warned: Cat books sell; dog books don’t. But that didn’t stop her. She wanted to prove everyone wrong and doggone it, she did. Her recently issued fashion parody, Dogue (Main Street Press, $8.95) is so successful that most of the publishing world has been left with its tail between its legs.

Dogue, of course, is a spoof of Vogue, the archetype of fashion magazines. Hochberg, 31, has filled its pages with four-legged models draped in canine couture, typifying her fashion dogma. Hotels for hounds, dream doghouses and a workout page featuring Jane Fido are but a few of the topical articles. There’s also a “Dogs Are Barking About” column and a Q & A beauty page where a Yorkshire terrier with dry, fly-away hair asks how she can “achieve a fresher, more pulled-together look.” Even the ads stay in theme, hawking Kennel No. 5 perfume, Rufflon nail enamel and Barkglama minks.

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