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The Kemerer Museum is Closed this weekend to prepare for our upcoming exhibit!

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Musikfest tune-up: Your guide to Historic Bethlehem tours, activities, and events during the festival

August 1st, 2023

Welcome to Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites’ Guide to Musikfest! Join our engaging tours, family activities, and memorable events. Let’s make history together, one beat at a time!

Activities are free unless otherwise noted.

Kid’s activities at the Luckenbach Mill

Colonial Industrial Quarter
Aug. 4: 5-7, Aug 5-13: Tues.-Thurs., 12-5 PM | Fri.-Sun.:  12-7 PM

Experience the magic of silk with play silks, puppet making, ribbon painting, and more. Learn about different early dying techniques and contribute to the community silk weaving project- all part of this year’s exhibition, Unspun: Stories of Silk. Children’s activities range in cost from $2-$4 per activity or $5 for an all-activity pass.  

Luckenbach Mill First Floor

Aug. 4: 5-7, Aug 5-13: Mon.-Thurs., 12-5 PM | Fri.-Sun.,12-7 PM

Cool off while you shop! Commemorate your Musikfest experience with great souvenirs at our store!

Lehigh Art Alliance Exhibition  

Luckenbach Mill Second Floor

Aug. 4: 5-7, August 5 –13: Mon.-Thurs., 12-5 PM | Fri.-Sun.,12-7 PM

At the Lehigh Art Alliance Juried Exhibition, you’ll enjoy a variety of original two- and three-dimensional works of art from regional artists – all available for purchase! Don’t miss live art demos! Donations encouraged.


Colonial Industrial Quarter

Aug. 4-13, Mon.-Thurs., 12-4 PM | Fri.-Sun., 12-6 PM

What was it like to be a blacksmith or a tinsmith in early Bethlehem? Find out at the 1750 Smithy by attending one of our live blacksmith or tinsmith demonstrations!  Professional smiths demonstrate how Moravians forged hooks, hinges and door handles. Donations encouraged.

Schropp Dry Goods Shoppe 

505 Main St.

Aug. 4-13, Mon.-Thurs. 12 – 7 PM | Fri.-Sun.,12 – 8 PM

Stop by and learn about all of Historic Bethlehem’s activities and happenings during Musikfest and beyond!  Purchase your Musikfest mug here and directly support 20 historic sites in Bethlehem! All mugs purchased through Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites will also include access to the virtual Heritage Trail walking tour! 

1810 Goundie House Market  

Goundie House | 501 Main St.

Aug. 4-13, Mon.-Thurs. 12 – 7 PM | Fri.-Sun.,12 – 8 PM

Visit this historic federal-style home and shop the Marche Maison Vintage Market.  

Goundie Garden Party

Goundie Garden Located Behind the Goundie House | 501 Main St.

Aug. 4, 6-10 PM  

Get your groove on in the retro Goundie Garden Dance Party! Nite Liters LLC and Soul Latineers partner with Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites to bring back the popular 70s style garden party with vinyl record spinnings, a lounge area, and vendors. A great way to unwind and relax, right in the heart of bustling Main Street. Donations encouraged.  

Goundie Garden Party

Gondie House pn Main Street
Aug. 11, 6-10 PM  

Celebrate 50 Years of Hip Hop History and Culture at the Goundie Garden Party! Northampton Community College partner with Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites to showcase New York, Philly and Lehigh Valley vinyl DJs spinning classic hip hop, funk and disco with breakdance performances throughout the night. A “True School”, feel good celebration of Hip Hop, right in the heart of bustling Main Street. Donations encouraged.

Rise & Fall of Bethlehem Steel Walking Tour

Aug. 4-6  & 11-13, 10:30 AM 

Did you know that Bethlehem Steel was the second largest steel producer in the US and the largest shipbuilder in the world? Discover more on this fun and educational walking tour. Ticket required- available for online purchase.

Heart & Soul- Music in Moravian Bethlehem Walking Tour

Leaves from the Moravian Museum of Bethlehem | 66 W. Church Street

Aug 4-6 & 11-13, 1:00 PM 

Bethlehem’s musical identity was in place long before the start of Musikfest. Explore the musical city with a certified, costumed guide. Step inside Find out about the tradition of polyglot singing (singing in multiple languages simultaneously) or hear the sounds of instruments rarely played today, such as the serpentine or the krumhorn as you explore the very places early Moravians sang and played in!  Ticket required- available for online purchase.

Love Lust and Marriage Tour (

Bethlehem Pub Walking Tour

Leaves from 505 Main Street

Aug 4-6 & 11-13 3:00 PM 

This guided tour of Bethlehem Brewing history answers questions like: How did people order beer during prohibition? What did John Adams drink when he visited Bethlehem? What are the connections between early brewing and the early Moravians?  Ticket required- available for online purchase.

Historic Pub Walking Tour (

Love, Lust & Marriage Walking Tour

Leaves from the Moravian Museum of Bethlehem | 66 W. Church Street

Aug 4-6 & 11-13, 5:00 PM 

This walking tour, which starts out in the Gemeinhaus, the oldest building in Bethlehem, gives guests an intimate look into what love, courtship and marriage were like in early Moravian Bethlehem. Ticket required- available for online purchase.

Heart & Soul Tour (

Historic Bethlehem Heritage Trail


Available 24/7

Six links. 80 stops. three centuries of incredible history. Experience Bethlehem like never before: On your own time and at your own pace, right on your phone! Walk, run, or bike through three centuries of Bethlehem history. Stops along the trail include two National Historic Landmarks, the newly designated Historic Moravian Bethlehem National Historic Landmark District, Victorian era homes, and Bethlehem Steel buildings. Available for Online Purchase.

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