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The Comenian: Staff Picks: Bethlehem’s Best Holiday Shopping Spots

December 9th, 2019 |

Written by Elizabeth Horn for The Comenian

The holidays are just around the corner, and Santa is on his way. With holiday shopping at the foremost of everyone’s mind and paychecks, it’s important to find the perfect gift for your family and friends. Lucky for you, the Comenain staff has put together their picks for Bethlehem’s best places to find great gifts to be this year’s super Secret Santa.

Paisley Sun!”

-Annie McCarthy

Moravian Bookstore.”

Brian Utzat

“Definitely the Visitor Center of Historic Bethlehem on Main Street. It has a ton of interesting knick-knacks that you can purchase, as well as regular Bethlehem merchandise. There’s food, clothing, pottery, and dishes, and so much more for purchase. There’s even a bunch of handmade items from local vendors. There’s handmade blacksmith decorations, handmade soaps and lotions, and handmade pottery of all varieties. You really will find something for everyone in this store. Plus, purchases benefit Historic Bethlehem, an organization that manages and restores historic buildings around Bethlehem, so your money goes to a good cause.”

Elizabeth Horn

Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop, for sure. They have so many neat sweets and snacks that you wouldn’t be able to find in many other places. If you want to find a quirky and fun gift to give, I’d definitely recommend going there.”

-Sam Riley

“I personally love the Moravian History Store, which is at the Moravian Church Archives right off of Moravian’s campus. It is a little gift shop in the office of the Archives. I love the shop because it is filled with beautiful merchandise that is handmade by local artists. Some of it comes from places like Winston-Salem, NC, and Herrnhut, Germany, both of which have large Moravian communities. Not many people know about the store, but it is definitely a fun place to get Moravian- and Bethlehem-themed gifts!”

-Victoria Ritter

“The Foo Foo Shope! It has a ton of cute little trinkets and gag gifts. It is my favorite store on Main Street.”

-Christine Wieder

“I think the best store in Bethlehem to do holiday shopping is the Foo Foo Shoppe. Regardless of age or what your loved one’s interests may be, the Foo Foo Shoppe seriously has everything. As well as selling items such as candles and soaps which can be a nice gift for someone, they also have an assortment of gag gifts that can make gift exchanges funny. They also have a great selection of rubber ducks, which is also just enjoyable to browse through.”

-Kaitlyn Furst

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